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Man who beat wife driving car gets two months in jail cell
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A man who beat his wife while she was behind the wheel of a car driving them down the road has been sentenced to two months in jail.The husband, Travis Davenport, 25, was directed to serve 60 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence to charges of domestic assault and reckless endangerment. He has also been directed to enter the batterer program and was warned not to have contact with the victim.The victim said she was struck while she was paying attention to the road.“He hit me in the face while I was driving on North Chancery Street,” Davenport’s wife swore on the warrants against him. “It caused me to swerve into the turn lane and apply the brakes.”She told the judicial commissioner in getting the warrant against her husband the assault came after three days of arguing between the couple.