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Man stabbed during fight
Fight was about stereo equipment
Calvin Murphy of Rock Island has been charged with aggravated assault.
A Smithville man was stabbed multiple times Sunday during a fight sparked when his assailant claimed he owed him money.The victim, Joseph Jenkins, was airlifted to Erlanger Medical Center after he suffered numerous stab wounds to the midsection. The alleged stabber, Calvin Murphy, 25, of Rock Island has been charged with aggravated assault and is being held under $100,000 bond at Warren County Jail.According to Sheriff Jackie Matheny, the incident happened Sunday afternoon when both Jenkins and Murphy ended up at the residence of a third party on Randal Hitchcock Road.“Murphy said Jenkins owed him money,” said Matheny, noting the property in question was reportedly a piece of stereo equipment. “The men exchanged words and a fight ensued with both men rolling around on the ground.”Witnesses told lawmen that during the brawl Murphy pulled a knife and began stabbing Jenkins numerous times in the stomach area.