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Man pulls knife on wife on anniversary
Jose Lopez Diaz has been charged with felony domestic assault.

A man celebrated his first wedding anniversary by pulling a knife on his bride and getting thrown in jail on felony charges.
The man, Jose Lopez Diaz, 36, has been charged with felony domestic assault – a crime that carries three to six years in prison.
His arrest comes after he and his wife had been out celebrating their first wedding anniversary. However, their honeymoon was over when they returned home and started arguing.
“I told him I wanted him to leave the house,” the woman told the judicial commissioner in swearing out the felony warrant, noting the domestic incident spilled into their backyard on North Hills Drive.
It was during the argument in the backyard Diaz allegedly pulled a knife and brandished it at her, threatening to cut his wife.
The woman ran inside, locked the door, and called police. When police arrived they found Diaz sitting outside in his car, drinking a beer. He denied threatening his wife so police searched his car. They found a knife fitting the description the woman had given hidden in the passenger-side car pocket. He was arrested on the spot.