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Bybee Branch church suspends services
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The Church of Christ at Bybee Branch

By Chris Simones

The Church of Christ at Bybee Branch has announced two of its members have tested positive for COVID-19.

The two individuals from two different families attended services and Bible classes at Bybee Branch on Sunday.

An announcement from the elders on the church’s Facebook page Monday stated, “We have decided to suspend all services at the building and youth activities until Sunday, Aug. 9. This will allow the 14 days quarantine for those families testing positive and those who have been exposed.”

In a phone interview Tuesday afternoon, youth minister Jason Adams said church elders were encouraging members of the congregation to do whatever they feel safe doing in response to the positive tests.

“Some people don’t want to have the test and that’s their choice,” Adams said. “I haven’t been tested yet this week, but I personally plan to for my own protection and peace of mind.”

Adams said the church wasn’t requiring mask wearing but that masks were made available for anyone who wanted to wear one.

“We have them at a table with individual communion packs that contain grape juice and unleavened bread and they’re handed out by gloved attendants,” said Adams.

Although the church has temporarily suspended its services at the building, the services will continue to be streamed.

“We’ve been streaming services from the beginning of the spread of the virus back in March. We began slowly integrating back into our different services in June but we’ve been streaming the entire time,” Adams added.