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Man charged with knife-point rape
Jason Keith Bouldin.jpg

A local man had his case bound to the grand jury after a woman reported he stole her dog before kidnapping her and forcing her to have sex with him while her step-grandchild was outside in her car. 

Jason Keith Bouldin, 44, was bound over to the grand jury after his preliminary hearing on the charges of aggravated kidnapping, aggravated rape, and theft up to $1,000.

The arrest warrant states on July 20, the woman told patrolman Toby Lewis of McMinnville Police Department she had been kidnapped by Bouldin and forced to have sex with him. The alleged victim stated Bouldin held her at knife point and forced her to drive down the road. 

While in the woman’s car, Bouldin showed her the knife and told her he would kill her if she didn’t keep driving. He then took over driving the vehicle and drove to his residence. 

According to the report, Bouldin made the woman go into the house with him where he told her he wanted to have sex. The victim claimed she complied because she was afraid. The woman’s step-grandchild was in the car when the alleged incident occurred.

According to a previous warrant, on July 1, the victim claimed Bouldin took her dog from her mother’s residence on Rainbow Street. Witnesses stated he entered the house with a black bag and left through the back door. The dog had been at the home before but couldn’t be located. The victim says Bouldin then sent a text to her stating he would break her heart.

The same report claims on July 15, the victim pleaded with Bouldin over a two-week period to return the dog. He stated he had killed it, and on other occasions claimed he had given it to an elderly lady before telling her he had given the dog to a gypsy. 

He finally stated he would return the dog on July 15 but failed to do so. Bouldin met with the woman three times so she could receive the dog, but each time he came to the pickup location, the dog was never brought. Bouldin told police detective Eddie Colwell he would return the dog July 12 but once again, he failed to do so. 

Bouldin was arrested Aug. 16 and still remains in custody at Warren County Jail while waiting to appear in front of the grand jury.