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Man charged after slamming deputy's car
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Felony charges have been leveled against a local man who slammed into a deputy’s car while trying to evade arrest.
The suspect, Timothy Wayne Judkins, 48, is charged with evading arrest and will face hearing Feb. 9.
He was stopped by sheriff’s investigator Steven Carpenter who pulled him over because he recognized him and knew there was an active arrest warrant against him. The officer said Judkins pulled over into a front yard not far from his Holcomb Road residence and stopped his car near a wooded area. However, when the officer approached the car, Judkins tried to flee.
“He put his vehicle in reverse and spun tires,” Carpenter recalled, noting the vehicle then traveled backward until he struck the front of the investigator’s parked car.
Judkins then tried to continue his flight but ran out of room.
“There was a small path that went through the wooded area but he didn’t turn sharply enough to make the turn,” Carpenter revealed. “He stopped and was taken into custody.
Judkins could face one to two years in prison if convicted.