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Making a Splash
Gilley Pool-Emma 3.jpg

Gilley Pool season is in full swing, or technically full splash.

The pool opened on Memorial Day weekend with some impressive numbers. According to Gilley Pool employee Rachel Johnson, there were about 700 visitors Sunday and nearly 1,200 on Monday.

Potential rain didn’t keep thecrowdawayonThursday either as hundreds still came out to soak in the sun and cool off in the pool.

Delaney Volf and her 2-year-old daughter Emma Fann were glad the weather held out long enough for them to enjoy a pool day. She says Emma loves the pool.

“Emma kept saying she wanted to go to the pool,” said Volf.

The toddler enjoyed going down the popular frog slide and splashing around in the water with her mom during their visit on Thursday.

The Gilley Grill has also been busy during opening week. Concessions worker Alyssa Mosley said opening day was very busy and that the most popular food items so far are pretzels and pizza.

The absence of the 20-yearold green and blue tube slide for children has not been an issue for visitors so far. The slide was in need of repairs and when those repairs could not be made the entire structure was removed for safety concerns.

Lifeguard Macayla Brown says she has only had one person ask about it so far. The lifeguards are currently using the spot where the slide used to be as a break area with a tent and water cooler for them to cool off. McMinnville Parks and Recreation plans to eventually replace the slide with a new kiddie attraction in the future.

Gilley Pool staff was very pleased with the turnout they had opening week and are excited for the rest of the summer.

Gilley Pool is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, and from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sundays.