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Making a push for Pickleball
pickleball enthusiast1.jpg
Dale McDaniel loves pickleball, a paddleball sport that is gaining popularity among senior citizens because the game offers aerobic exercise without much risk of injury. She has requested that McMinnville officials offer a spot for the sport. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A sports enthusiast has handed a paddle to McMinnville officials and asked them to run with it.
Dale McDaniel says pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States and she has urged the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to consider its inclusion as part of the city’s indoor plans for Milner Recreation Center.
“I am here being supported by several of my pickleball buddies. Our concern is about the positioning of the pickleball courts when the Civic Center is finished. We have three possibilities for the pickleball courts.”
Offered were the following suggestions:
1) on the tennis courts,
2) downstairs on the basketball courts,
3) a single court on the second level off to the side.
Pickleball can be played by all ages, says McDaniel, but it’s an attractive sport for older residents because there’s not nearly as much running as tennis.
“As people became older and become seniors, transitioning from tennis to pickleball is very easy,” said McDaniel. “It’s very easy on your joints. We have many people now playing pickleball. I had never heard of pickleball, but I want you to know that it is one of the fastest growing sports in America. Every week, we have more and more people.”
The sport is not exclusive to older residents, she adds.
“We have high school students, we have college students, we have people who are retired and we have people who are working. In order to accommodate the numbers that we are seeing now, we feel it is best to use the area that will allow the most participants in the game.”
A maximum of 16 people can play Pickleball at one time.
Mayor Ben Newman asked for McDaniel and McMinnville Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord to have a meeting to discuss what will be needed to offer pickleball competitions once the facility is complete and bring that information back to the city’s Ad Hoc Committee for consideration.