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The excitement of “Newsies” will make you leap. The Dream Reality Group production opens tonight at Park Theater. The cast includes, from left, Jana Denning, Kalia Stewart, Jenny Nafrada, Sarah Turner and Leela Beaty.
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Romance sparks between Mary Margaret Stanley and Donaven Vargas as they play the leading roles in “Newsies.”

Extra, extra! Read all about it. “Newsies” makes its premiere at Park Theater tonight with four shows scheduled this weekend.

The Dream Reality Group production features stage veterans Mary Margaret Stanley and Donoven Vargas, who propel this show to the top.

Star performances are also delivered by Jenny Nafrada and Tristen Olsen.

“It’s a very energetic show with some exciting music,” said director Logan Taylor, founder of Dream Reality Group. “We always like to top what we did before and I think this show does that. It’s a historical show that has a message that’s still relevant today.”

“Newsies” is the story of New York City newsboys around the 1900s who hawked newspapers on the streets. Many of these newsies were homeless or orphans and were treated poorly as a result.

Donoven Vargas plays the role of lead newsboy Jack Kelly who convinces newsies around the city to strike for better pay and working conditions.

Nafrada plays the role of Medda Larkin who supports the newsies in their efforts.

“She’s a female business owner in the late 1800s so she’s a strong character,” said Nafrada, affectionately called J-Frad by her cast mates. 

“She has a soft spot for the newsies and helps them fight for better conditions,” added Nafrada.

Mary Margaret plays the role of Katherine Plumber, a journalist who publicizes the plight of the newsies and brings attention to their situation. She also strikes the fancy of Jack Kelly, top newsie, and romance is soon to follow.

“I have a little harder time with dramatic roles that don’t involve comedy,” said Mary Margaret. “This role has been challenging and very rewarding.”

Stanley is off to Belmont later this month where she will be a freshman. She plans to study in commercial vocal performance.

Tickets are still available and can be purchased from the Park Theater website.

Shows are Friday night at 7 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., and Sunday at 2 p.m.