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Main Street Live begins Friday
The Main Street Live summer concert series begins this Friday.

The Main Street Live summer concert series begins this Friday, June 9 at 7 p.m. The first act is Little Queen, a Heart tribute band.
City officials gave their stamp of approval to assist with Main Street Live at the request of event organizer and Main Street McMinnville executive director Katie Kemezis. 
“We would appreciate your help again with trash this year,” said Kemezis. “This is for trash pickup for the eight different concerts, as well as with the safety equipment so we can block off part of the street. Our request is the same as it was last year.”
The free Friday night concerts have enjoyed popularity over the last 12 years. They attracts hundreds of people to the West Lawn of Security Federal for a variety of music throughout June and July.
Alderman Everett Brock suggested the city provide additional trash receptacles.
“I think we need more trash barrels down there,” said Brock. “By the end of the event, the trash has spilled over onto the ground.”
The venue is nestled between Main and Morford streets. On the Main Street side, only a sidewalk lies between patrons and motorists.
Alderman Steve Harvey asked, “Has any consideration ever been given to blocking off Main Street completely?”
“They do block off one lane in order to keep people from stepping out into the road and into traffic,” said city administrator Bill Brock. “They try to keep the other lane open. It would be a pretty major thing to try and shut down the street right there. It’s a tough section to close. It would be putting everything that’s coming into town on Colville Street.”
Kemezis’ request was approved as written with one lane closure.