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Magness Drive extension estimated at $500,000
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Extending Magness Drive to intersect with the bypass is estimated to cost $500,000.

The project is under consideration to alleviate traffic concerns from the impending construction of Motlow’s Advanced Robotics Center.

A grant from the State Industrial Access Program is being sought to fund the road while city officials wait to hear from the Tennessee Department of Transportation on their request to cut through a guardrail and connect Magness Drive to the traffic light intersection on the bypass in front of Pacesetters.

“We are still waiting on a yes or no from the state, but I did speak with the coordinator of the State Industrial Access Program,” said city administrator Bill Brock, to members of the city Finance Committee. “I asked her, ‘Do we need to wait until we get a yes out of the state before we apply for a possible grant to build that, or should be go ahead and apply for a grant now?’ She recommended we go ahead and do it now. Go for the grant. That’s her recommendation.”

The grant program provides funding and technical assistance for highway access to new and expanding industries across the state.
Beginning the grant application, said Brock, will require someone experienced in those types of grants.

“We need someone who’s experienced in grant writing or an engineering firm. I’m leaning more toward an engineering firm. We need drawings, we need a map, and we need to show access going into the area. Basically, we need plans that show where it’s going to be.”

James C. Hailey & Company is a civil engineering firm the city has worked with in the past and was quoted a not-to-exceed amount of $8,000 to perform that initial work. Administering the grant would require an additional charge that is usually a percentage of the overall project cost. That amount will be negotiated if the firm is successful in obtaining a grant.

The initial estimate of $500,000 was given by James C. Hailey & Company and was based on past projects similar in nature.

However, the actual cost of the project will not be known until bids are received.

The city Finance Committee approved up to $8,000 for the professional service.