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Lopez, 35, charged with identity theft
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An illegal immigrant has been charged with identity theft after she was caught with a fraudulent driver license and Social Security card, all taken out in another woman’s name.
Members of the state Identity Crimes Unit say Maria C. Lopez, 35, of Cookeville obtained the false documents so she could get a job at the local Yorozu plant.
“She was working at Yorozu under the name Nichole Trevino and had used Ms. Trevino’s Social Security number to get a job at the McMinnville plant,” said Identity Crimes investigator Jeff Phann, noting the discovery of her fake ID was made by Cookeville Police Department in the town in which she lives. “She signed all the paperwork with the name Nichole Trevino.”
An investigation by the Identity Crimes Unit revealed the real Nichole Trevino lives in Texas.
Lopez has been set for hearing July 25 on the identity theft charge. She could also face deportation as a result of the crime.