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Locals star in Nashville musical
Lizzie 2 - Mileah.jpg
Mileah Milstead plays the role of Bridget in the production of “Lizzie” at Darkhorse Theater in Nashville. The musical runs through Nov. 6.
Lizzie 3 - Hannah.jpg
Hannah Phillips Arn plays Emma in Street Theatre Company’s production of “Lizzie,” the story of Lizzie Borden.

Two former local residents have landed leading roles in the theater production of “Lizzie” the musical in Nashville.

Mileah Milstead and Hannah Phillips Arn are bringing the story of Lizzie Borden to life with the Street Theatre Company in Nashville. Milstead is playing the role of Bridget and Arn is playing the role of Emma. McMinnville native Maya Denning is also participating in this production as a stage manager.

The musical is set in 1892 and is about Lizzie Borden who was the primary suspect for her father and stepmother’s brutal ax murders. She was eventually acquitted, but became a tabloid sensation and one of the most controversial figures of her time. This musical adds a modern-day twist by melding the 19th century story with a rock score.

This is Arn’s debut performance with Street Theatre Company. She has previously played many different roles in past productions throughout the years, but is re-entering the theatre world.

“When I saw the audition post for this show I listened to the soundtrack and immediately knew it was the show I wanted to make that step back into the world of theater with,” said Arn, who is well-known for her vocals. “So I pulled together a headshot, resume, and audition song in a matter of a couple days. Then I went into the audition with the thought of this will be fun and it made me take that first step. I had no expectations of getting a part and just wanted to have fun and use it as a learning experience. I was dumbfounded when I got an email for a call back and even more stunned when I was offered the part of Emma.”

Emma is the older sister of Lizzie and Arn says she is a fiery, powerful, protective big sister with a sharp temper. 

“She is a force to be reckoned with,” said Arn. 

Arn decided to get back into theatre with this production because of the soundtrack and says storytelling through song is one of her favorite parts of theatre.

“My favorite part of musical theater is the telling of story through song. I’ve always wished that in everyday life people would break into song for conversations,” said Arn. “There is so much emotion and passion that is expressed through singing and melody that adds nuances to the lyrics. I’m drawn in by the pictures painted when the lyrics and melody merge together.” 

This is also Milstead’s debut performance with Street Theatre Company. She graduated from MTSU with a degree in theater and has participated in many productions throughout the years. 

The show is playing now at Darkhorse Theater, 4610 Charlotte Ave. in Nashville. The musical runs through Nov. 6. Tickets can be purchased at Adult tickets are $20 and student and senior tickets are $15. The show starts at 7:30 p.m.