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Local residents targeted with jury duty scam
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The jury has reached a verdict on this suspicious phone call -- it's a scam.

The Warren County Circuit Court Clerk's Office has received a number of inquiries from local residents who say they have been called about missing jury duty.

The callers tell potential victims they have been hit with criminal charges for missing jury duty, but are given the opportunity to pay money to have the charges disappear.

The Circuit Court Clerk's Office of Bernie Morris says people are never contacted by phone about jury duty. They are mailed a letter.

If the person does neglect their civic duty and fails to show up for jury duty, the judge could issue a $50 fine plus court costs. Local officials say they can't remember anyone being sent to jail for missing jury duty.

But that's not the impression given by the con artists who are calling local residents. The callers operate under the same mode of operation and pretend to be a sheriff's deputy.

The claim is the person has failed to show up for jury duty and now faces charges for failure to appear and contempt of court. Docket numbers and a court date are even given.

However, all this trouble can disappear if the person would like to settle over the phone and pay a fine, the caller advises.

According to a survey conducted earlier this year by TrueCaller, a service that offers caller ID and spam detection, phone scams are not just annoying. They are costly.

The TrueCaller survey says 1 out of every 10 American adults have lost money to a phone scam over the past 12 months. On average, each scam victim lost $430. Combined, that translates to about $9.5 billion lost to scams, a huge increase from just two years ago when the average scam loss was reported to be $274.