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Local nonprofits seek funding from county
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Meals on Wheels and the county’s seven volunteer fire departments are in the running for an increase in funding for the second year in a row from Warren County government.

The county Nonprofit Review Committee has conducted initial consideration for 24 donation requests from nonprofits for fiscal year 2021-22. 

The requests were for a total of $435,824.

Last year’s allocation was $321,392.

Of those 24 organizations, Warren County Meals on Wheels, volunteer fire departments, Upper Cumberland Veterans Cemetery, Warren County A&L Fair and Magness Library were approved for an increase. However, with this being the first step in the process, changes can still be made to any of the committee’s recommendations.

Meals on Wheels received $3,000 in fiscal year 2019-20, $10,000 in fiscal year 2020-21 and requested $14,000 for the upcoming fiscal year.

“We have received more requests than usual,” said Meals on Wheels director Nancy Mayfield. “The program seems to either be feast or famine. We had to spend more money because of COVID and illnesses with our clients. We did get some COVID money, but none of it was something that I didn’t have to write a grant for. I spent a lot of time writing grants that are out right now. Hopefully, we’ll receive more money from that.”

Commissioner Carl D. Bouldin asked if an increase from $10,000 to $14,000 was still needed after Back to the Strip 2021 generated $60,000 for the organization.

“I do,” said Mayfield. “I need everything I can get. It cost $1,200 a year to feed one person and I’m feeding more than 200.”

Committee members approved $14,000.

Volunteer fire departments received $56,000 in 2019-20 with each of the seven departments receiving $8,000. Last year, the county increased its allocation to $66,000. The departments each received $9,428.

“What our goal has been for years is for the county to support us by just paying our insurance,” said North Warren Fire Chief Ramie Roberts. “North Warren’s insurance is $12,000 a year. Centertown’s is little over $11,000 a year. You guys were able to give us more last year and we appreciate it. We would like anything else that you can give. We appreciate your support all these years.” 

Committee members approved an increase to $70,000, which provides each fire department with $10,000. 

Other increases

Upper Cumberland Veterans Cemetery received $2,000 last year, but was approved for $5,000.

Warren County A&L Fair received $10,000 last year, but was approved for $15,000.

Magness Library received $116,000 last year, but was approved for $118,000. 

One newcomer found room on the county’s allocation list. HOME (Homeless of McMinnville Effort) requested the county consider providing $7,000. Organization members are in the process of establishing Prosperity Point, a transitional housing opportunity for homeless individuals. Committee members approved $5,000. 

Remaining unchanged from previous year

• American Red Cross $3,000 

• Books from Birth $4,500 

• Caring Hearts United $1,000 

• Citizens for Progress Scholarship Program $10,000 

• Warren County Chamber of Commerce $10,000 

• Families in Crisis $6,000 

• Helping Hands Ministry $2,000 

• Heritage Alliance $2,000 

• Main Street McMinnville $2,000

• Pacesetters $2,000 

• RSVP $1,100 

• Emergency Food Bank $2,000 

• Senior Center $26,000 

• Young Men United $2,000

• Black History Museum $2,000

• Rescue Squad $27,500.

Requesting less and receiving it was CHEER Mental Health. Provided was $6,000 last year, but requested for the upcoming years was $5,000. Committee members approved $5,000.

Warren County Habitat for Humanity requested $10,000. Some committee members voiced desires for additional information. Because no one from the organization was in attendance, the request was denied. 

After the dust from the two-hour meeting settled, Nonprofit Review Committee members whittled down its recommendation to a total of $338,100, an increase of $16,708 from what was given last year. Its recommendation will be sent to the county Budget and Finance Committee for consideration.