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Local leaders share goals for 2020
Cox, Bobby new mugshot.jpg
Bobby Cox

With a new year comes new goals, so we asked a sampling of local leaders, “What’s your primary objective/ accomplishment for 2020?”

“Our primary goal for the school system in the coming year is to improve our instructional practices districtwide. We are focusing our professional development in January on rigorous lessons that meet a higher depth of knowledge meeting the level of questioning students will be asked on state assessments.”

-Director of Schools Bobby Cox.

“I plan on getting my certification and continue gaining as much knowledge as possible. I feel blessed to be a part of our board. I would also love to see the pole barn get built.”

- School Board member Sue Anderson

“To continue the progress mandated by the citizens in my election and be the driving force of change the people wanted. I will strive to make Warren County the best it can be.”

- County Executive Jimmy Haley

“I would like to maintain a proactive approach in helping our government succeed in its future goals, which will be for the betterment of our citizens and county. This can be accomplished by focusing on the educational needs of our schools, reducing recidivism at the jail and offering as many opportunities as possible for our citizens to succeed.”

-Commissioner Daniel Owens

“We made great progress last year fiscally. As a result, we were able to improve our schools, jail and repair almost all the county buildings that were desperately needed. I would like to continue on that path of trying to move forward making Warren County a better place to live for all its citizens.”

-Commissioner Christy Ross

“The ESG project completion and the energy savings it provides.”

-Commissioner Richard Grissom

“The primary accomplishment for this year will be the completion of the $10 million Civic Center renovation. It is going to be incredible! I am looking forward to starting work on the indoor pool project and would love to see it well underway by the end of 2020.”

-Alderman Rachel Kirby

“Completion of the Civic Center and beginning work on the police station.”

 -Vice-Mayor Ryle Chastain