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Lawsuit awaits after deadly crash
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Warren County government is waiting for all the plaintiffs to join a lawsuit stemming from a deadly interstate ambulance crash last year.

On March 31, Warren County Ambulance Service employees Henry Dekort, driver, and Savannah Cleek, passenger, were involved in an interstate crash while returning from transporting a patient to a Nashville hospital.

Cornelius Hurt, 29, of Nashville was fatally injured when the ambulance struck his Nissan Altima, which was stopped on the shoulder from a wreck moments earlier. He was transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center and died April 6.

Because Mr. Hurt left no surviving spouse, his children – through their mothers – were allowed one year to file a lawsuit. Five children were listed in his obituary information. If more than one lawsuit is filed, those could be combined. 

According to Metro Government’s Circuit Court, at least one complainant has filed and listed Warren County as the defendant. Quiniqua Woods, parent of Arjai Woods, is seeking $300,000 for the “wrongful death” of Hurt as the result of a motor vehicle accident.

The lawsuit alleges Dekort, a Warren County government employee, violated the following common law rules of the road:

• Failed to keep a proper lookout;

• Failed to keep his vehicle under control;

• Failed to see and be aware of what was in his view;

• Failed to yield the right of way to plaintiff’s vehicle;

•Failed to use reasonable care to avoid a collision;

• Drove recklessly.

Government entities are immune from lawsuits except for certain circumstances, of which a motor vehicle accident is one of those exceptions.