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Kayaker rescued from river
Chad Hillis.jpg

A female kayaker was rescued on the river Wednesday night after her kayak overturned and she was left stranded on a river bank.

The woman was found by members of the Warren County Rescue Squad around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday after last being seen around 3 p.m. leaving Smooth Rapids. She’d been stranded around six hours and was unable to call 911 because her cellphone got wet when her kayak flipped.

“She wasn’t injured, just scared when it got dark,” said Rescue Squad director Chad Hillis, who said he didn’t have the name of the woman believed to be in her 30s.

Rescue personnel were alerted when the woman didn’t show up at the VFW to be picked up by Smooth Rapids. Under current water conditions, it takes about 3.5 hours to float from Smooth Rapids to the VFW and the woman had not arrived by 8 p.m.

Two Rescue Squad search units entered the river, one from around Smooth Rapids and the other from the VFW. The group that left from Smooth Rapids had a few tense minutes when they discovered the kayak but the woman was nowhere around. However, that same group was able to locate the woman downstream on the river bank shortly thereafter.

Hillis said she was found around the area of Three Star Mall, about an hour into her kayak trip.

“I wouldn’t recommend going kayaking alone,” said Hillis. “There’s just too much that could happen.”