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July is Beef Month
July Beef Month Free Hotdogs.jpg
Beef. It’s what’s for dinner, or at least it was some people’s lunch on Wednesday when the Warren County July Beef Month Ambassadors Emeline Bell, Kaytlen Nunley and Hunter Rigsby handed out free all-beef hotdogs. - photo by Bethany Porter

Where’s the beef? On Wednesday it was at Warehouse Discount Groceries where the three 4-H July Beef Month Ambassadors were handing out free beef hotdogs. 

July is Beef Month and the three July Beef Month Ambassadors are Emeline Bell, Kaytlen Nunley and Hunter Rigsby. The three set up in front of WDG from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday giving out free all-beef hotdogs, handing out flyers, educating and signing people up for giveaways. Around 30 minutes into their day, they had already given away nearly 20 hotdogs. 

Warren County Extension agent Emily Mote was supervising the ambassadors and said this was a way to promote beef farmers. 

“4-H partners with the Tennessee cattlemen’s association and they do a beef backer contest and what that does is it encourages 4-H groups across the county to do some sort of promotional event during the month of July to promote the beef industry in their county as well as across Tennessee,” said Mote.

The 4-H'ers had a poster displayed while giving away hotdogs that listed some of the products that come from cows that we might not know about. For instance, the poster says cows’ bones can be used in: charcoal, fertilizer, glass, photographic film, gelatin candy, marshmallows, and Jell-O.  Products made from cow’s hooves and horns include: adhesives, plastics, plant food, shampoo and conditioner, lamination, wallpaper, and plywood. The poster also said anti-aging cream medicines can be made from cow brains. 

In addition to the poster, they also had a recipe for homemade beef burgers and baked garlic parmesan meatball, along with a few different pamphlets about the different cuts of meat and grilling,  

The Warren County 4-H July Beef Ambassadors are taking leadership role of promoting beef industry. During beef month, they also worked on graphic fliers. Bell and Rigsby both raise beef cows and Nunley says she just likes cows. 

“This is a great leadership opportunity for them,” said Mote.