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Jennings' variety of charges lands seven-year sentence
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A local man will spend seven years in the Tennessee Department of Corrections following years of run-ins with the law, with the most recent being stealing a motorcycle and evading arrest.

Jody Lynn Jennings, 47, has appeared in Traffic Court, Circuit Court and in front of the grand jury after racking up a long list of charges for a variety of crimes over the past several years. During Circuit Court last Wednesday, Jennings appeared in front of Judge Bart Stanley.

“Mr. Jennings has a significant criminal history that included misdemeanors and felony offenses and the actions of fleeing the police in the manner he did posed a considerable risk to the community,” says District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis. “His past played a large part of his sentence.”

Jennings was sentenced to serve 48 days following his arrest for sixth-offense driving on a revoked license in December 2018. A traffic stop was initiated on a Nissan Pathfinder for improper display on Arcadia Road just off Rivercliff Road. Dispatch said Jennings was driving on his sixth revoked license, which was first revoked in 2012.

The second sentence of serving four years at TDOC was due to Jennings being charged with theft in March 2019. State trooper Joseph VanBommel responded to Sparta Highway near Old Rock Island Road in reference to a motorcycle wreck with injuries, but the driver of the motorcycle had already been taken to River Park Hospital. 

VanBommel observed a black Suzuki motorcycle, estimated to cost around $4,500, lying in a ditch with a large piece of rope around the front as two men attempted to tow the bike away. Bryan Jennings was found riding the bike which was tied to a vehicle driven by Jody Jennings. VanBommel learned the bike was stolen on Sparta Highway, and the owner, Sidney Stanton, pressed charges.

Jennings was sentenced to serve another three years at TDOC for evading arrest in October 2019. He was also sentenced to serve 11-29 for another sixth offense of driving on a revoked license. In Judge Stanley’s court on Wednesday, Jennings made a plea deal by giving information to reduce his time. The two sentences will run concurrent with each other.

The sentences come after Jennings was pulled over by deputy Brystol Davis in October 2019 for failing to stop at a stop sign while exiting a Dollar General parking lot. Davis activated his emergency lights, but the vehicle accelerated to high speeds estimated to have reached 60 mph after turning onto Grandview Avenue, a residential area. Davis was able to get a look at the driver, continued the pursuit and once speaking with dispatch, discovered Jennings had prior convictions for driving on a revoked license.

The three-year sentence for evading arrest will run consecutively with the four-year sentence for theft resulting in Jennings spending seven years in TDOC.