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Jail building, renovation could cost over $500K
storage building, reno at jail1.jpg
Upland Design architect Allen Hill presents plans to construct a storage building at Warren County Jail. That construction is part of the county’s plan to provide educational programs for inmates. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

An effort to reduce recidivism at Warren County Jail could be costly if a $510,000 estimate rings true. 

The county Safety Committee met to review plans proposed by Upland Design for construction of a storage building to free up space inside the jail. Once complete, the project also includes renovation of that space to be used for inmate-related activities such as educational programs, counseling, and attorney-client visits.

While actual cost is unknown, the project – contingency fund included – has an estimate of $510,000. That cost would be taken from $6 million borrowed specifically for jail improvements. 

Upland Design architect Allen Hill presented the plans. 

“This would connect to the office so it would be easy for the administrative staff to be able to go back and get files and records,” said Hill. “Right now, they have to go back into lockup. This would improve staff efficiency.”

Areas once used for storage and renovated for inmate programs would have security measures added to prevent inmates from climbing through ceiling tiles and potentially accessing the roof. 

“Everything is ready to go out for bids,” said Hill. “All we need is approval for the plans and a green light to move forward.”

An 11-month timeframe was given, which includes approximately nine months actual construction and 45-60 days for a formal bidding and approval process. 

Safety Committee members gave unanimous approval for the project to be bid out. However, full Warren County Commission approval will be needed once those bids are received.