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Internet outage affects hundreds
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Greg Smartt

Hundreds of Ben Lomand Connect customers weren’t left in the dark, but they were left without internet service Wednesday afternoon in an outage that stretched into Thursday.

Ben Lomand Connect began having trouble Wednesday with communication between two of its servers (primary and backup) and the Optical Network Terminals, or ONTs, that reside at the homes and businesses of its fiber customers.

After many hours of working with one of Ben Lomand’s internet partners, the root cause was found and the process of working with new code and deploying it to the affected ONTs began. Twelve employees worked around the clock to bring about a resolution to this issue.

By 2:15 p.m. Thursday, Ben Lomand said most of its customers affected by the network outage had been reconnected.

“Businesses, online students, and work-from-home employees felt great pain over the last 20+ hours and no amount of apology can replace the stress and strain that this has caused to some of our fiber customers,” said Ben Lomand CEO Greg Smartt. “Unforeseen circumstances will happen when dealing with technology. How we respond and look to minimize these instances has been, and will continue to be, the key to our success as we move forward over the days, months, and years with our customers.”

McMinnville Police Department was among the many entities impacted by the outage. 

“It disrupted our flow of information,” said Police Chief Nichole Mosley, who said officers wrote down information on paper or communicated it verbally during the outage instead of using their computer network. “When you get dependent on technology and then that technology is not there, you have to go back to doing things the old way.”

Anyone still experiencing issues can contact the Ben Lomand 24-7 Customer Support Center via phone or web chat at