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Inmate counseling program dissolves
Jail Counseling1 original.jpg
Kenneth Smith began offering free counseling services to jail inmates earlier this year. The program ended this month.

After around 11 months of working with inmates at Warren County Jail through a free mental health and substance abuse program offered by Generations, last Friday was counselor Kenneth Smith’s final day.

Smith helped provide formal therapy sessions to nearly 300 inmates. These therapy sessions typically took place in a supply room so Smith could talk to inmates face-to-face across a table instead of outside a cell door.

“We did do some good and helped some,” said Smith. “It was a way to treat people in a dignified manner.”

When asked if he feels this service is still needed, Smith responded “absolutely” explaining the jail provides a place to help inmates work through issues and a chance to stabilize their symptoms.

“There is a genuine need for it,” said Smith. “They need more help than most average people do and their symptoms were worsened by drugs and alcohol. I gave encouragement, motivation and they were able to get real medicine and therapy.”

Smith also reflected on those he worked with who were considered problematic, who then settled down once he’d had the opportunity to work with them. He shared that he felt like he made a positive impact in their lives by sharing ideas on how to stay clean.

According to jail administrator Jackie Rackley, Smith worked well with jail staff and the inmates.

“I do feel like they benefited and we will miss him,” said Rackley. “Kenneth had a good relationship with them and we directed many who had behavior issues his way. It did seem to be beneficial.”