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Illegal turn plows minivan into pole
morford street wreck.jpg
The driver of this minivan sustained minor injuries when she struck a pedestrian crossing signal pole at the corner of Morford and Spring streets on Sunday. According to police reports, driver Destiny Hodges said she was traveling in the left lane when a vehicle in the right lane forced her onto the sidewalk. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A side-swipe collision on Morford Street wiped out a decorative pole that alerts pedestrians if they can cross. 

McMinnville Police officer Stephen Daniels said vehicles were traveling almost side-by-side on Sunday when one attempted an illegal left turn onto Spring Street. 

Warren County resident Destiny Hodges, 40, was in the left lane of the one-way street when the vehicle in the right lane abruptly veered left. 

“Hodges stated that she saw the vehicle to her left veering into her lane, but she didn’t have enough time to react,” said Stephens. “Her vehicle, a 2003 Toyota minivan, struck a pedestrian pole on the corner of Morford and Spring streets.”

The situation may have been prompted by a confused driver unfamiliar with the flow pattern of McMinnville streets. Stephens says Hodges was struck by a 2019 Nissan pickup, maroon in color, driven by Springfield, Ill., resident Hitu Khaira, 33.

“She (Khaira) wanted to turn left onto North Spring Street and she thought both lanes would turn,” said Stephens. “She attempted that turn and collided with Hodges in the left lane.”

Hodges was transported to Saint Thomas River Park for treatment of injuries not expected to be life threatening. Khaira was cited for improper turn and sustained no injuries. 

The incident occurred around 1 p.m.