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Illegal ATM withdrawal
Two men reportedly yank cash machine out of Dibrell Market
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Two men face a mountain of charges after they reportedly broke into Locke’s Dibrell Market, attached a chain to the ATM, and successfully pulled the machine out the front door with their SUV.

Allen Wayne Edwards, 36, and Robert Bradley, 32, face charges of burglary, theft and vandalism for the incident which happened in the early morning hours Wednesday.

When the suspects were identified, officers reportedly discovered over an ounce of meth, 20 guns, body armor, over 1,000 rounds of ammunition, stolen TBI property, and a number of burglary tools at their home on Old Kentucky Road in Sparta.

The burglary in Dibrell took place Wednesday morning at 3:20 a.m., according to Sheriff Tommy Myers.

“They broke in through the front door of Locke’s store,” said Myers. “They used a chain to yank the ATM out of the building and drove away. Video from the store showed cars and trucks passing by as these guys were pulling an ATM out the front door and nobody called it in.”

Myers said the suspects were careful to have their faces covered, but they were identified due to their Jeep Patriot.

“The Jeep Patriot they were driving was a color that was only made in 2011,” said Myers. “So we began looking into people who have that type of vehicle and they came up in White County.”

Myers said the two are also charged with cutting the gas line of a church van parked outside of Friendship Church on Sparta Highway and stealing the gas. They were reportedly caught on video committing that crime.

“These are good guys to get off the street,” said Myers. “The surprising thing is they weren’t even on the radar of law enforcement officials in White County for doing anything wrong.”

Myers said federal agents are in the process of drawing up paperwork to charge Edwards on the federal level. He said White County authorities are continuing to inventory their home to determine exactly how much stolen property was in their possession.

White County officials will likely level charges against the men based on the drugs and stolen items that were allegedly found at their home, Myers said.