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Hollis honored with memorial
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A memorial for Christopher Hollis has been placed on Sparta Highway. Hollis, 36, was killed during a road altercation on Sunday, Oct. 24. An investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. - photo by Lisa Hobbs
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Christopher Hollis

A memorial has been set up on Sparta Highway for Christopher Hollis.

“It is beautiful. I love it,” said his mother Vicki Marsh. “My brother and a friend of his are the ones who decided something needed to be done at this moment and went and did the cross.”

The cross in memory of Christopher commands attention with its size and reflective letters spelling out his name. Flowers have also been placed around the cross. Marsh says the size and appearance of the memorial is needed at this time.

“That’s what we need right now because there is no justice being done at this point,” said Marsh. 

Marsh then shed some light on who Christopher was as a person for those who did not know him.

“He was my wild child, but he would give his shirt to anyone who needed it. He would help anyone,” she said.

Marsh said when she left her son’s funeral last week, a man came up to her and offered his condolences and shared a story that defined Christopher’s character. The man told her that one day a few weeks ago he needed to get gas for his vehicle but only had a couple dollars and Hollis helped him out by putting $20 worth of gas in his vehicle. She said that was the kind of person her son was.

“The messages that I have been receiving from friends and the people he mowed yards for, I didn’t realize that he had touched as many lives as he did,” said Marsh. “His smile would light up a room. He could make you laugh at any situation that was going on. He had deep love. If he loved you, he had deep love for you.” 

The memorial cross for Hollis on Sparta Highway is a way to continue to keep his memory alive. It is placed near the spot on the highway where Hollis was shot and killed on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 24. He was 36.

Hollis and another motorist were travelling inbound when the man in the other vehicle opened fire and killed him as he was driving down the road. The man has yet to be arrested or identified by law enforcement.

A special prosecutor, District Attorney General Craig Northcott of Coffee County, has been assigned to the case.