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Hillis awarded for helping county with clean audit
State Sen. Janice Bowling, left, and state Rep. Paul Sherrell present Warren County finance director Linda Hillis with a certificate of accomplishment from the state for her accounting abilities and helping to keep Warren County finances in order.
Warren County finance director Linda Hillis has been recognized by the state for her contributions in helping her employer to obtain clean credit for fiscal year 2015-16.“A lot of times, we get bad news but we don’t get good news,” said state Rep. Paul Sherrell, standing alongside state Sen. Janice Bowling. “We’re here to give you a little bit of good news. I asked Janice to be part of this.”Sherrell read a statement from Tennessee Comptroller Justin P. Wilson, who was congratulating state officials for doing their part in encouraging local officials to achieve and maintain the highest level of financial responsibility.