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Heavy rain causes sewer issue on trail
Heavy rainfall has created a smelly situation on some parts of Barren Fork Greenway. During heavy rainfall, storm water can infiltrate the citys sewer system as it did this weekend. The result was sprouting water and a distinct smell.

April showers bring May flowers.
If that phrase is true, this month will give way to an abundance of blooming next month as the weekend more than doubled the rainfall for the month in Warren County.
According to McMinnville Water Department director Anthony Pelham, the city received 4.2 inches of rainfall in approximately 48 hours over the weekend and that increased the total for the month to 7.7 inches. The city’s Water Plant keeps official rainfall records.
Several moderate to heavy bands of rain this weekend brought more than 6 inches of rain to some areas in Tennessee, causing rivers and lakes to swell. The flood-like conditions forced trees to fall, schools to close, and caused a number of problems for drivers.
While April showers might bring the sweet smell of flowers in May, it also brought the distinct smell of sewer along some parts of Barren Fork Greenway on Monday. In time of heavy rain, the sewage system can become affected by the inflow of storm water which can cause the sewage overflow.
This weekend’s heavy rainfall resulted in just that as there was an overflow coming from two or three sewer manhole covers located along the greenway close to Riverfront Park. The situation will subside as the water level decreases, according to Pelham.