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Health Department needs roof
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Warren County commissioners received their first insight into the condition of county buildings and the roof report wasn’t looking up.

“The Health Department has been needing a roof for a long time,” said maintenance employee Greg Bowdoin. “We got it patched a couple months ago. Jason Cripps came out and patched a little area. That was just temporary. That’s one bad spot we’ve got. The courthouse has a flat roof. We’ve patched that thing eight or 10 times. It needs fixed. When it rains, water is running down into their file rooms where their paperwork was and everything.”

The presentation was made to members of the county Building and Grounds Committee. It has four new members in Commissioners Robert Hennessee, Scott Rubley, Phillip Stout, and Cole Taylor. Returning is Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin as chair.

“I’ve been taking to people at the courthouse and they say it’s getting in pretty bad shape,” said Taylor.

Hennessee replied, “That’s a huge liability.”

The administrative office building on Locust Street also has roof issues.

“This building has leaks,” said Bowdoin. “There’s a spot that’s probably eight foot wide by probably 11 foot long that needs to be fixed. I really think here we could just patch for a little while. We have so many needs in other places. We could get by here with a patch. The other buildings are the worst.”

Bowdoin was instructed to review every county building and present a list of needs to the committee.

“I’m focusing on just the roofs tonight, but there are other needs,” he said. “The roofs at the Health Department and courthouse are the most pressing needs at this time. When I generate a list of needs, it will include everything. It’s probably going to be a long list.”
Committee members will be organizing site visits of county buildings.