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Health Department building not good
County commissioners toured the Heath Department building and discovered a less-than-healthy situation. Pictured, from left, are Commissioners Blaine Wilcher, Phillip Stout and Michael Martin.
A tour of the Warren County Health Department by county commissioners ended with concern for the wellbeing of the facility.Members of the county Health and Welfare Committee walked through and around the building on Tuesday after complaints of a deteriorating roof, leaks and mold caused by the roof’s condition, and vermin infestation were received.The group was shown a bathroom where yellow jackets had entered the building, established nests and had attacked visitors through a vent.“Thankfully, no one got stung,” said Andrea Fox, director of the Health Department. “Patients were leaving notes saying ‘You have a bee problem in the bathroom.’”Numerous ceiling tiles showed evidence of leaks coming from the roof. Tile in a closet had mold.“That’s pretty bad mold,” said Commissioner Blaine Wilcher.According to Fox, the procedure has been to replace tiles that show evidence of a leak to maintain the appearance of the building and that one tile must have been overlooked during the last inspection.