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Haslacker seeks 8th District commission seat
Haslacker mugshot

Hello, my name is William M. Haslacker. I moved south in 1997 to Alabama from Michigan from a GM plant in Warren, Mich., to a GM Plant in Athens, Ala. I always intended to retire in Tennessee, which I did in 2000. I lived near Dunlap in Sequatchie County before I moved to Warren County on Harrison Ferry Mountain.

While living in Sequatchie County, I was a member of the Sequatchie County Democratic Party for approximately seven years. For almost four years, I was its treasurer. Prior to that, I worked for General Motors for 33 and a half years. For 20 of those years, I was involved in union politics. For a number of years, I was a union representative, which some refer to as a shop steward. In GM, it is called a district committee person who comes under the local shop committee.

I represented workers with problems they faced on a daily basis with management. Prior to that, I served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. In 1965, I served in and out of the Gulf of Tonkin, the harbor and base in Da Nang and by small boat as part of my ship’s boat crew as its engineer. I earned combat pay and the Vietnam Service Medal.

I have worked most of my life since I was about 13 years old in my dad’s service station and auto garage until I was old enough to join the Navy. I believe I can do a good job as a county commissioner. I have approximately 60 years of experience in many different job situations. This has educated and given me the ability to handle most things I have taken on in my life.

I understand how government is supposed to work for people and oftentimes doesn’t. What seems to have been lost in recent years is our ability to give and take. By this, I mean to discuss, debate and compromise and come to an agreement that is good for all the people, the county, the state and the country. When we as Americans demand this of all our politicians and lawmakers, we will all be better off and move forward in the 21st century and not backward to the 20th century.

What people need to realize is politicians reflect us. Politicians have to work together for all the American people. Then, our democracy will be stronger rather than weaker, which seems to be the way we are headed now in this country.