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Haley has new Animal Control location in mind
Animal Control overall shot.jpg
Expanding the current Animal Control facility is not an option, according to County Executive Jimmy Haley.

County Executive Jimmy Haley has a potential location in mind for a new Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. However, he isn’t revealing the secret location.

At the county Building and Grounds Committee meeting Tuesday night, officials discussed the progress on finding a new place for Animal Control, as well as the possibility of working with the city. Animals continue to be surrendered and dumped, which has led to overcrowding at the county shelter. 

“It is very apparent we have outgrown the space we are in,” said Haley. “Instead of the volume of animals going down, the volume of animals keeps going up with limited facilities and places to locate. Thank goodness this wasn’t in the middle of winter time with that many puppies.”

Haley says he has had conversations with city about a possible partnership. The county and city usually work together on animal issues already.

“We have already had the conversation on the possibility of the county partnering with the city in order to find a new location and create a facility that is going to be long term and not another short-term patch, or fix, or Band-Aid on a severed artery,” said Haley. 

He says he has been looking into properties for the new location and has found a promising spot. 

“We have been looking at properties and one in particular that we are hoping to acquire at little to no cost to the county which would be an excellent location. I don’t want to give that out yet because we are still working on some legal processes with that," Haley said.

"It would accommodate our needs and be more visible and easily accessible,” said Haley on the secret location.

There are possibilities of grant money to go toward a new shelter. Haley says grants are a possibility as well as community fundraisers. Expanding the current shelter is not an option. 

“We cannot expand where we are right now. It is not accessible and there are storm water issues there as well that got us in trouble with TDEC. That facility was not built properly and it is not code compliant. Up until two years ago it did not have heating or air conditioning,” said Haley.