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Gun safety class offered March 1
rifle markmanship basics class.jpg
The Sequatchie School of Self-Reliance and Survival Skills will be holding a free class to focus on gun safety and training next week atop Harrison Ferry Mountain on Highway 8.

With Warren County being approved to become a Second Amendment sanctuary, the basic skills of gun safety, ammunition and other fundamentals, are important to properly and safely possess and use a firearm. 

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, Warren County became a Second Amendment sanctuary community when the resolution was approved by 19 members of Warren County’s Legislative Body.

An upcoming class by the Sequatchie School of Self-Reliance and Survival Skills will focus on gun safety and training on Saturday, March 1 from 1 to 5 p.m. at Mountain Top Gun and Archery on Highway 8.

“I think everyone should be familiar with the basic operations of firearms and know how to use them safely,” says Sequatchie school instructor Brad Bleasdale. “There are an overwhelming amount of people in Tennessee who think they know how to shoot, but many of them don’t. I don’t think more education on this subject is ever too much.”

The class teaches the basics of the AR-15, and is open for anyone wanting to learn firearm skills. Participants can bring their own firearm, or a rifle will be provided. Ammo, targets and ear and eye protection are available. 

“We are glad to provide the gun, ammo and target instruments,” says Bleasdale. “The only thing you need to bring is a teachable spirit.” 

Although the course is free, there’s a $10 range fee, and donations are gladly accepted. The class is open to individuals 10 and older and is limited to 10 people.

“We hold a bunch of group classes every year,” says Bleasdale, “This event is a free course in basics, gun safety and rifle marksmanship.”

The Sequatchie School for Self-Reliance and Survival Skills provides education from experienced instructors teaching a variety of subjects from wilderness survival, firearms, homesteading skills and more.

“The primary thing we try to teach is an understanding of our freedom, heritage and how people can work to preserve their freedom,” says Bleasdale.

Mountain Top Gun and Archery is located approximately 20 minutes from downtown McMinnville at 11564 Harrison Ferry Road on Highway 8. 

For more information, contact Brad by calling 931-316-2587.