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Golden retiring from MES board
McMinnville Electric System board member Jeff Golden, center, is pictured with Marvin Runyon, left, and Don Collette in this 1980s photo.

McMinnville Electric System is losing its longest consecutive serving board member, Jeff Golden.
“There will be a vacancy on the MES Board in June,” said McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley during Tuesday’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting. “If you have anybody who would like to be a member, or if you would like to suggest anyone for membership, submit me those names so I can go through them and bring them back to the board for approval.”
Golden is not expected to accept another reappointment.
“Mr. Golden’s time on the board will be up and he’s expressed the idea he might not want to return this time,” said Haley. “If we can find another adequate member to replace him, he would be willing to do that. If you have names, please bring those to me in the next week or so.”
Golden has been a member of the MES board for 36 years. His current term, which is four years in duration, expires June 30, 2017.
MES general manager and CEO Rodney Boyd says Golden has been an asset.
“Jeff Golden has been an excellent board chair, leading the system through many changes and challenges over the last 36 years,” said Boyd. “Mr. Golden has been the recipient of many awards from organizations such as the American Public Power Association, the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award, the Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association, and the Tennessee Valley Public Association to name a few. He has devoted countless hours to McMinnville Electric System and it’s one of the reasons it is recognized as one of the best small electric systems in the valley.”
Boyd described Golden as a dedicated leader.
“Through all the regulations and change in public power, a constant for MES has been stability in leadership. Every utility requires effective governance – a dedicated leader in its chairman of the board of directors. Where you find successful utilities, you find successful governance. McMinnville Electric System has been blessed in having Jeff Golden fulfilling that vital role for the Board of Public Utilities for many years. Over those years many changes have occurred in public power. From the threat of deregulation and oil embargoes to alternative fuels and system generation. Each milestone has been met with steady leadership at the hand of chairman Golden. His ‘customer first’ brand of governance has had the citizens of McMinnville at the forefront of all decisions.”
MES board members are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the six aldermen. Appointments are made for four-year terms, except in the case of aldermanic representatives which is a yearly appointment. The board meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. in the conference room of MES.