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Gilley Pool opens Saturday
Gilley Pool overview.jpg

Gilley Pools opens for the 2022 season on Saturday at 10 a.m., minus one attraction for younger patrons.

According to Parks and Recreation director Justin Scott, the 20-year-old green and blue tube slide for children was in need of repair and because those repairs could not be made, safety concerns prompted its removal.

“What we discovered is the parts were going to be quite expensive,” Scott said. “We made the decision to go ahead and take it down. It was 20 years old. Because it was a very popular slide and a great attraction for the children, we wanted to replace it with something.”

McMinnville officials earmarked $53,000 in the proposed 2022-23 fiscal year budget which begins July 1. Scott says that number is an estimate and it has yet to be determined what the new kiddie attraction will be, or if it will be similar to the old one. However, it will not be installed during the 2022 season.

Saturday’s festivities will include an opening day party.

“Saturday is going to be so much fun,” said Parks and Recreation assistant director Michael Benusches. “Our first day will include four competitions at different times.”

Up first, a frozen T-shirt competition in which teams are challenged to be the first to unthaw a frozen T-shirt. The winning team will receive Sonic gift cards.

Second, a cornhole competition. The winning team will receive Gilley tokens. Tokens are passes to the pool.

Third, a fill-the-bucket relay race. Teams compete to determine which will be the first to fill their bucket. Winning team members will receive Gilley tokens.

Fourth, a blindfolded dance contest. A mystery prize will be bestowed upon the winner.

“The competitions are going to be fun and entertaining,” said Benusches. “I expect the line of people to be into the parking lot by the time we open at 10 a.m. I’m sure the public is just as excited about opening day as we are.”

Some concession prices have been slightly increased, but daily admission remains unchanged.