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Genealogist gifts rare book collection to library
Genealogist Betty Moore Majors has given her rare books and special collections to Magness Library. Her personal library was approximately 500 books, ranging from genealogy, historical and fiction. Pictured are Majors and library director Brad Walker.

A good ancestor dates everything, is sure that full names are included, records where material may be found and always sees that at least one other copy of important data is somewhere else.
Magness Library director Brad Walker says that description fits Betty Moore Majors, because she has her roots in genealogy.
“Betty is a prominent genealogist in this part of the south and she’s written many books,” said Walker. “Her collection is impressive. I can’t thank her enough for the donation. She gave everything to us. She wanted it to go somewhere that it would be kept in one place. Her donation will allow us to replace some of our genealogy books with better copies. A lot of those books you can’t get anymore. The stuff that you can get, a lot of it is priced out of this world.”
After being transported from Majors’ residence to the library, the collection is being slowly sorted. Along with genealogy books, the collection contained hardcopy fiction books, historical books about Egypt, books about the state of Virginia, and table toppers.
Walker and Majors became friends when he was hired at the library 24 years ago.
“I worked with her on the cemetery books a lot; that was when I was first hired here as a genealogist 24 years ago,” he said.
Any genealogy books at the library which can be replaced with Majors’ donation will be donated to the Warren County Genealogical Association.
“Any copies that we can replace will be donated to the Genealogical Association,” said Walker. “That way, there will be two sets of a lot of these books that will be available in different places just in case. We always make sure to pass things on to other 501(c)3 or other organizations. It all needs to go somewhere, and there’s always a need somewhere.”
The collection will take a few weeks to catalog and sort.