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Frequent Walmart thief moves on to breaking into automobiles
Leslie Claire Farless was directed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 60 days.

A woman already banned from every Walmart on the planet for stealing has been sentenced to 60 days in jail for practicing her thievery skills in the Cumberland Plaza parking lot.
The woman, Leslie Claire Farless, 56, was directed by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to serve 60 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence for auto burglary and theft.
Her time comes after she was caught breaking into two cars in the Cumberland Plaza parking lot. One victim was an employee of Dollar General who returned to her car to find her purse had been stolen and her car ransacked. In what proved to be a stroke of fortune for the victim, Farless had decided to push her luck and was seen breaking into another vehicle, this one near Lowe’s. The victim in that case got a description of Farless and called police.
“We observed a female that matched the description and stopped her,” said McMinnville police officer Justin Colwell, noting they immediately found evidence of Farless’ guilt. “She had the victim’s wallet on her person.”
The bust was not the first for Farless who was given 90 days in jail back in 2015 and warned to stay out of Walmart stores worldwide due to her repeated stealing from the retailer. Her newest jail time is to be served in addition to any other time she owes the state for other crimes.