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Fred Hillis honored
Fred Hillis, shown carrying out a box of toys during the Rescue Squad's annual Christmas Toy Drive, was recognized by the county Monday night for his years of volunteer service.

Fred Hillis received two standing ovations for his years of service with the Warren County Rescue Squad during Monday night’s full Warren County Commission meeting.
“I would like to thank each and every one of the commissioners and especially the Rescue Squad,” said Hillis. “It’s not me, it’s them who need to be recognized. I enjoyed what I do. I want to thank y’all and the boys and women of the Rescue Squad. Without them, we are nothing. Thank you.”
The two standing ovations were given prior to his comment and after it.
Commission members unanimously approved a resolution recognizing and honoring Hillis for his “outstanding and meritorious service” that included 37 years as chief.
According to the resolution:
“Whereas, on Sept. 21, 1971, Fred Hillis volunteered to serve with the Warren County Rescue Squad; and
“Whereas, in December 1977, after only six years of service as a volunteer, Fred Hillis was appointed chief of the Rescue Squad;
“Whereas, Fred Hillis continued in the position of chief of the Rescue Squad for 37 years until his retirement from the squad in 2014; and
“Whereas, Fred Hillis is to be admired, respected, and commended for the volunteer spirit he has exemplified throughout his 43-year tenure with the Rescue Squad; and
“Whereas, sincere appreciation is hereby extended to Fred Hillis for his dedication and commitment to the Rescue Squad and the citizens of Warren County;
“Now, therefore, be it resolved by the governing body of Warren County, Tennessee, meeting in regular session on this the 15th day of August, 2016, that Fred Hillis be recognized and honored for his outstanding and meritorious service to the Warren County Rescue Squad and the citizens of Warren County, Tennessee.”
The measure passed 21-0.