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Fight with girlfriend, uncle led to manhunt
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Arguments with his girlfriend and his uncle appear to be what triggered a six-hour manhunt Saturday for a man who reportedly pointed a rifle at two deputies.

Samuel Kyle Tanner, 23, was arrested Saturday around 3 p.m. after a brief foot chase. He remains held at Warren County Jail on $300,000 bond on two counts of aggravated assault, one count of aggravated domestic assault, and evading arrest.

Arrest warrants obtained by the Standard on Monday provide more details about what led to Tanner’s arrest. The chain of events began Friday night on Bridge Street at the home of Tanner’s uncle. Tanner’s girlfriend had gone to that home in Mt. Leo to stay because they had been arguing.

According to the arrest warrant, Tanner showed up Friday night with a rifle and got into an argument with his uncle over ammunition. Tanner was told to leave but returned Saturday morning with the rifle.

“Tanner showed back up at the residence with his rifle in one hand and ammunition wrapped in a towel in the other hand, banging on the door saying he had to wipe the bullets down,” the arrest warrant says.

The girlfriend told officers she feared Tanner would shoot her and shoot up the house and told a juvenile at the home to call 911. When Tanner saw an officer arrive, he fled on foot into woods behind the house.

Additional officers converged and began to search the Mt. Leo area from Bridge Street to Old Beersheba Road. Deputies Brystol Davis and Jared Jacobs spotted Tanner in the woods still carrying the rifle.

“Dep. Davis gave the man verbal commands to stop and put the firearm down,” the arrest warrant says. “The suspect then stopped and turned the firearm in the direction of both Dep. Davis and Dep. Jacobs.” 

Tanner was advised this wasn’t a wise move. “Dep. Davis then told the suspect he would face dire consequences if he didn’t put the firearm down,” the warrant says. “The subject then turned and ran, fleeing up the hillside with the deputies losing sight of him.”

Officers thought they had Tanner cornered inside a home when they found a four-wheeler he had been riding parked behind it. But no one was there when they barged in.

Tanner was arrested around 3 p.m. when a passing motorist noticed what was described as a suspicious-looking male walking along the side of the road in the Mt. Leo area. The motorist called 911 and several officers responded to the area in case Tanner tried to run. He did, but he didn’t get far before being taken into custody.

Tanner appeared before Judge Bill Locke on Tuesday via video arraignment and was assigned the Public Defender’s Office to handle his case.