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Fair to hold Special Needs Day
Fair contest - Ferris wheel
Darla Pendergraph photo

The Warren County A&L Fair will be holding a special time for those with special needs to enjoy the attractions and environment at a more relaxed pace with free rides.

On Wednesday, Sept. 11, rides will open at an earlier time for Special Needs Day. Beginning at 11 a.m., tickets will be free to those with disabilities, and the rides will be slowed down, providing a more comfortable and handicap-accessible fair experience. Admission is open to all ages.

“We pride ourselves on being a free fair for everyone, and this opens up more opportunities for everyone,” said Marla Cantrell, treasurer of the fair association.

Schools and families can bring attendees to the Boyd Food Booth at 11 a.m. to gain access to the free carnival rides, which will move more slowly, with less crowding on the midway than usual hours to allow easier navigation for wheelchairs. 

The event has been held for the past five years with change and growth over time. Approximately 200 people came to enjoy the Special Needs Day last year. 

Special Needs Day will last several hours. The rides will be open to the public beginning at 6 p.m. Wednesday night, resuming normal speeds and activities. Wednesday night is two for $25 hand-stamps, granting access to all the rides.