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Every $1 spent locally boosts county economy
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Barr’s Fine Home Furnishings is locally owned and operated by Earl and Hazel Barr. The business has been meeting the needs of Warren County since 1963. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

There are many, many reasons to buy locally in Warren County. 

Every $1 spent here means a stronger economy, helps build the community, creates jobs, increases local prosperity rather than a far-away corporation, financially support schools, and reduces fuel emissions, just to name a few.

Barr’s Fine Home Furnishings has been a locally owned and operated business since 1963.

“By choosing local and independent businesses, you will enjoy a more personal experience,” said owner Hazel Barr. “We’ve been serving friends, not just customers, in this community for 57 years.”

Every $1 spent here provides that particular business with the means to pay its employees, expand its inventory, expand the business and pay its expenses such as electricity, water, rent, and insurance. Local businesses also contribute to the tax base with property taxes.

While the above is the cost of operating a business, a locally owned business provides an additional benefit to the community it serves. 

“Locally owned businesses donate to local nonprofits, events, ball teams and causes,” said Barr. “We appreciate every $1 spent with us and we show our appreciation by supporting the community. Together, we build a better community.”

Each $1 spent requires sales tax of 9.75% and that money supports the community in which it is spent. 

“Seven percent of the sales tax is state and 2.75% is local,” said Warren County finance director Justin Cotten. “So for each $1 spent here, the $0.0275 in taxes charged against it comes back into the community as tax revenue.”

Of the $0.0275 coming back into the local economy, sales occurring inside the city limits are equally divided by McMinnville and Warren County governments. Sales outside the city limits go entirely to county government. While the county’s sales tax revenue goes entirely to the Warren County School System, the city’s sales tax revenue goes into its general fund and is used for operational expenses and providing amenities such as McMinnville Parks and Recreation.

“All local sales tax funds are sent to the Trustee, who divides it up and partitions it out to the municipalities,” said Cotten.

When residents choose to spend their money within the community, it fosters community pride and protects the local economy for future generations. 

“Warren County is a wonderful place to live and work,” said Barr. “By supporting local businesses, we can help guarantee that it continues to be a wonderful place to live and work for future generations. When you can buy local, please do.”

Barr’s Furniture is located on Beersheba Highway and can be reached at 473-3536.