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EMS receives praise from commissioners
Denney, Preston.jpg
Preston Denney

Warren County EMS offers a valuable service that residents should be proud of, according to Warren County commissioners.  

The county Safety Committee met Monday for its monthly update of the EMS department. 

“I appreciate all the hard work, and I’ve heard some really good things about the department here lately,” said Commissioner Ron Lee, committee chair. “I’ve heard on two occasions that our EMS was called on by the emergency room to intubate patients, one was a 3-month-old baby and another was a grown man. They were struggling with them, but our EMS employees were able to do it.”

Intubate is a medical procedure involving the insertion of a tube into the trachea for ventilation. 

The comments were made toward EMS director Preston Denney who said, “I did one today for them.”

“Wow,” said Commissioner Christy Ross.

Lee added, “I’m proud to think our EMS is who the emergency room turns to for assistance.”

The department has more than 30 full-time employees. More than 20 of those are paramedics – highly trained and skilled medical professionals who are educated to carry out some of the duties of a physician. Paramedics can examine, evaluate and treat patients with equipment and medications usually only found in the emergency department of a hospital. 

Commissioner Randy England offered his appreciation for the cleanliness of the vehicles in the fleet. 

“I saw an ambulance from another county, close by, and it looked like the ambulance had gone four-wheel driving,” said England. “It looked like it hadn’t been washed in a long time. The wheels were black with brake dust. The ambulance was so filthy. It made me appreciate how well your department takes care of the ambulances.” 

The boastful moment came after Denney informed members the camera systems on vehicles will be installed in May, slight wind damage to a carport located behind Station One is slated for repair, and that all else is well within the department.