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EMS gets OK for new vehicle
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The county’s Budget and Finance Committee has approved a new vehicle for EMS director Preston Denney after almost two years of rejecting the idea.
Cost-saving measures, not persistence, paid off.
“I think with the work he’s done on saving the county money we need to go ahead and approve this,” said Commissioner Terry Bell, committee chair.
The EMS department returned $177,000 to Warren County’s general fund at the end of fiscal year 2015-16. By Denney’s estimates, it is projected over $300,000 will be returned by the end of fiscal year 2016-17.
The information was presented during a budget transfer request to place $20,000 of the money saved this year into the department’s motor vehicle fund. Combined with the $11,000 already within the budget, the money will be used to purchase a new 2016 Dodge truck.
The vehicle has an emergency services package. It costs $26,500 and comes from a bid the state has with Columbia Dodge.
Currently, the director’s vehicle is a 2000 Jeep with 160,000 miles.
“This vehicle is something that’s definitely needed,” said Denney. “We’ve started spending more on maintenance.”
The county began considering upgrading the director’s vehicle approximately two years ago.
Budget and Finance Committee members unanimously approved the transfer of $20,000 to purchase the truck.
“We thank you for what you’ve done Preston,” said Bell. “You’ve done a good job.”
Denney refused to take all the credit for saving money within the department.
“I’m just one person,” said Denney. “It takes a team working together.”
Consideration was given to buying a 2017. However, the state bid expires in May and a 2017 vehicle with an emergency services package would have to be ordered. The 2016 vehicle is available now.