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EMS director title doesn't include raise
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It may never pay to be EMS interim director for Preston Denney.
Members of the county Budget and Finance Committee approved the Emergency Medical Services’ proposed budget for fiscal year 2016-17 without a suggested salary increase for Denney.
“We’ll come back and look at that,” said committee chair Terry Bell of the raise.
Safety Committee members approved a $7,000 raise to bring the director’s salary up to $60,748. Since Denney took the reins of the department in January, his pay went from approximately $60,000 a year to $53,748. The increase in salary for director would bring him back up to what he was making before his promotion.
Denney expressed a desire to be named director, but only if the salary could be increased.
“I’m asking for an increase in the director salary,” said Denney. “Proving that I keep this job whenever you go through the process, it just gets the salary up to pretty much what mine was.”
Committee members voiced a desire to wait until after reviewing all the proposed departmental budgets before making a decision on the proposed raise.
“I make a motion we pass this budget without the raises,” said Commissioner Carl E. Bouldin. “We’ll see what we can do once we see what we’ve got, just like we have all the rest of them.”
Budget and Finance Committee members Bell, Bouldin, Michael Martin and Diane Starkey approved the proposed budget, minus the raise, and sent it to the county Financial Management Committee for its consideration.