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EmiSunshine set to shine at Park Theater on May 19
EmiSunshine, 13, will bring her youthful exuberance to the Park Theater stage for a show May 19.

Since her breakout at age 9, EmiSunshine has garnered more than 512,000 Facebook followers.

While her music has been described as “old-timey,” she adds her own unique blend of roots music that is equal parts Americana, bluegrass, gospel and country, with a sprinkle of blues.

Now 13 years old, the East Tennessean is scheduled to perform at the Park Theater on Saturday, May 19, bringing news of her new album “Ragged Dreams.” The concert is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

Emi has been influenced by legendary artists such as Loretta Lynn, Tanya Tucker and The Louvin Brothers. She combines her youthful, bubbly disposition with deep, meaningful and rather dark song content. Emi says she likes to write music about a variety of content.

“I like to write about the underdog. I write about life struggles, disabilities and the homeless and the less fortunate,” explained Emi. “I also like to write about murder, suicide and cheating.”

Her song “As the Waters Rise,” written and recorded to support West Virginia during the flood, has 1 million views for its music video. Last month, Emi brought awareness to autism with her emotional original song, “90 Miles,” which now has 463,000 views.

This young artist has performed on “The Today Show,” The Grand Ole Opry and at The Ryman. On April 8, she even appeared on “Little Big Shots” with Steve Harvey.

EmiSunshine said, “I was honored to be invited to the show and this was my last chance. I’ll be 14 in June. The experience was incredible and meeting Steve Harvey will remain one of my most fondest memories.”

Not impressed? Check out these other EmiSunshine stats:

• Over 14 million YouTube views
• 24,400  Instagram followers
• Performed at The Grand Ole Opry more than a dozen times

For more information, visit the Park Theater website. Ticket prices are $10 to $20 depending on seating.