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Dyer gets requested vote of confidence
Jim Dyer - airport manager.jpg
Jim Dyer

Airport director Jim Dyer requested a vote of confidence from the Warren County Commission following the passage of the new airport resolution, and only one commissioner voted against him.

The new resolution establishes a new Airport Commission and says the director has full operational control and authority at the airport, but is subordinate to the Airport Commission. Dyer would have been grandfathered in, but at the last Economic and Agricultural Development meeting he requested the commission do a vote of confidence.

“I would prefer that no one think the county has settled with a previous decision. I would prefer that moving forward I know that I have the full support of the commission or that I do not and get someone else. I think it would be a cleaner start to a new era,” said Dyer during the Economic and Ag Committee meeting.

Monday night, the County Commission conducted that vote.

“This was actually not required,” said Commissioner Carl D. Bouldin. “He would have been grandfathered in, but Mr. Dyer made this request at our meeting that we do this. He wanted the vote of confidence from the full commission and he said if it failed he would not accept the job so I commend him.”

The commission voted 22-1 in support of Dyer. Commissioner Tommy Savage was the only commissioner voting against him. Commissioner Deborah Evans was absent. 

“In making my vote, I have worked with Mr. Dyer on two different committees and we have gotten along well and I intend to keep on doing so. I think he is doing a good job,” explained Savage.