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Dumping at cemetery prompts outrage
cemetery Litter BEST.jpg
Pictured is an assortment of trash including insulation, clothing, and mail that was left in front of Centerhill Cemetery.

Littering at Centerhill Cemetery on Hills Creek Road in the Irving College area has caused outrage for many in the community. The incident occurred last week.

“It’s vandalism really,” said committee member Jeff Panter. “It’s like somebody cleaned out a storage unit and dumped it beside the road at the cemetery with mail,  game cards, and clothes … not just random garbage.”

Panter believes the act was prompted in retaliation to a bylaw and if left unaddressed, will keep recurring.

“Here’s the way I see it, someone didn’t like the bylaw that said no flowers off the rocks through mowing season,” said Panter, indicating he has heard anger expressed.

According to Sheriff Tommy Myers, the incident is still under investigation as deputies work to determine who is responsible for littering.