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Drumming up controversy
Different story surfaces about history of drum
Doug Lott, left, and McMinnville Mayor Jimmy Haley are shown holding the drum.

A McMinnville City High School band member is attempting to correct what she believes is an incorrect history on an instrument.
In a recent article pertaining to a drum donated to Warren County Heritage Center and Museum, president Jimmy Haley offered the drum’s history as a rivalry trophy between City High and McMinnville Central High.
“Supposedly whomever won the homecoming game got the drum,” said Haley. “That’s why one side is the Central High Bulldogs and the other is the City High Rebels. It was used by their marching bands.”
City High School Rebel band member Carol Chambers says that is not the case.
“The City/Central drum exchange explained in the front-page article was totally wrong,” said Chambers. “The bass drum was not a trophy to be sought after following homecoming ballgames. Each school had its own drum.”
The consolidation of the schools prompted a drum with a logo on each side, says Chambers.
“At some point the City High Rebels' drum, after consolidation of the high schools in Warren County in 1969, had the Central High School logo placed on the other side. These two schools were the only two out of Warren County's high schools to have high school marching bands. So, for posterity, I guess it was a good thing to have the two logos placed on a drum.”
Haley says he heard from more than one individual the drum had been used as a rivalry trophy.
“Seeking the real history when there are no written documents is difficult when you rely on people’s recollection of history,” said Haley. “That was the story I was told by people. When you don’t have written history, these things happen.”
Haley said he is anxious to gather more information.
“I would like to know the real history of the drum,” said Haley. “This is important to me. We have differing stories out there. I would like to have something in writing or a picture. Maybe someone has that. I would like to see it.”
The museum can be reached at 474-2717.