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Drug bust may cost offenders their housing
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A drug roundup where 25 suspected drug dealers were arrested last week could cost a majority of the suspects their homes.

Law enforcement officials estimate close to 20 of the arrests were made at the McMinnville Housing Authority complex off Old Morrison Road. Housing Authority officials say they can’t comment on specific cases, but they did provide a copy of the lease agreements that tenants must sign.

Under grounds for termination of the lease it lists “any drug-related activity on or off the premises.” This is listed as the top item.

While the roundup was one of the biggest drug operations of the year by local law enforcement, it is likely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local drug trafficking.

“I’m sure it’s just a drop in the bucket,” said District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis.

The suspects were arrested for selling heroin, cocaine, LSD, meth, pills, marijuana and crack cocaine.

“These are drugs that are prevalent throughout the state,” said Zavogiannis. “It’s not just here in Warren County. This is something the whole state is dealing with right now.”

Zavogiannis praised the hard work of McMinnville Police Department and Warren County Sheriff’s Department for conducting the undercover drug buys and recording the transactions. 

“Anytime you can get drug dealers off the street it’s a big deal,” said Zavogiannis. “The really terrifying thing is fentanyl. It’s being used to lace all of those drugs as a way to increase the high and fentanyl will kill you. They are lacing meth with it. They are using it when they press pills. It’s sort of like playing Russian roulette. It’s a very powerful drug and deadly.”