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Driver taken into custody
Sparta Highway wreck1.jpg
Charges are pending against a driver who lost control of his pickup and slammed into a utility pole on Sparta Street. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

A McMinnville man escaped serious injury Wednesday afternoon when he slammed into a utility pole on Sparta Street. 

Logan Kane Fuqua, 26, was traveling outbound in a Ford pickup. At the area in front of McMinnville Drug Center, he left the roadway and struck the first of two utility poles.

“He struck the first pole, skidded down the grassy area sideways taking out two directional signs and struck a second pole,” said McMinnville Police Lt. Mark Mara.

The impact sheered large splinters off the first pole and broke the second pole. The path of destruction stopped there. Debris from the crash was projected into the parking lot of the drug store, as well as the adjacent parking lot of McMinnville Medical Center.

Witnesses reported a “loud boom” and seeing one of the pickup’s front tires rolling across the parking lot. The tire came to rest at the entrance of McMinnville Medical.

Fugua was taken into custody at the scene. Charges are pending.